Learning Resource Development Cell:

The Development / revision of a curriculum often results in introduction of latest technologies or practices adopted in the industries, as a new topic to which the teachers are not exposed. The learning material of the new area of technology is gathered and converted into reading or instructional materials for effective transfer of knowledge. It has been found that students sometimes find particular subject or topics, difficult to comprehend. Alternative methods of teaching i.e. transparencies, slides, workbooks, educational video cassettes, films, Questions banks, handouts are thus required for better instructional and communicable delivery.

The main activities of the center are:

  • To develop the print & non-print material, which is not available and is advised by C.D.C. for use in the implementation of curriculum.
  • To produce and distribute tested print as well as non-print material.
  • To evaluate the quality of the materials produced by obtaining feed back from users and then upgrade and update it.
  • To train polytechnic teachers in preparation & use of instructional material.

The activity of the Learning Resource Development Cell are being planned in a way to produce learning resource material before the reviewed / revised syllabus is implemented. The teaching aid so prepared, are given a pre-trial as per the lecture plan for the qualitative improvement of the teaching process and then evaluated to assess their transfer value, so that the students are benefited at the best accordingly.